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Title: The Inventor and the Gang Leader
Character/Pairing: Scud/Deacon Frost
Word Count: 496
Rating: T+
Warnings: Implied m/m, 1950's!AU, not-a-vampire!Deacon.
Summary: AU. Scud is an inventor in the 1950's and Deacon is a gang leader who's paths cross thanks to fate.
Notes: Blame Deuces Wild. That movie sprung this idea a long time ago.

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Subject: OC/OC
Title: Burning Red
Warnings: Language, angst, etc.
Featuring Music By: The Script, Mumford and Sons, Taylor Swift, and more!
Notes: Shhhh, I made this to get feels out. Enjoy and rock away any relationship pain you may have, bros.

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Subject: Adam Milligan/Damon Salvatore
Title: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Warnings: Commentary mentions things like character death, violence, etc.
Featuring Music By: Safetysuit, fun., The Beatles, and more!
Notes: Minor spoilers for S1 of TVD & up to S6 of Supernatural. Based off an RP storyline on insanejournal. Made for round 8 at waywardmixes @ LJ. & I posted it on my insanejournal this time around so I hope that's okay. ^^;

Tracklisting, Links, and Lyrics under here
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Title: Hunting the Dark
Author: bellatrixkale23
Rating: T
Pairing: Ben/Alec, slight Alec/Max
Word Count: 10,039
Warnings: Slashy incest, possession, angst, priest!Bobby
Author's Notes: This was my first big bang...and it was harder than I expected it to be. But I got done in time, love what I produced, and am super excited to finally share it! Take note that should I get the time - I will be doing a sequel!

Summary: Supernatural AU fusion. Alec and Ben were raised like soldiers to hunt the things that go bump in the night. But it's a lot harder than what it used to be since the Pulse.

Link to story: Fic here!
Link to art: Art here by the wonderful evian_fork!
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Went to the doctor today. He thinks my stomach problems I've been having more of lately are due to having Celiac Disease, so I’m being sent Monday for blood work and can’t have dairy products until I see him in 3 weeks.

…But dairy products are in EVERYTHING I found out when we hit up the store afterwords so I could grab lunch for Friday.

I’m so screwed.

But on the bright side, I have a job now. So there's that. :) And I might even be getting to go to NYCC depending on pay checks.